Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singling out Galloway

The Globe and Mail's editorial on March 21 found fault with the British MP, George Galloway, since he, amongst other transgressions, "palled around" with Saddam Hussein.  I recall Governor Sarah Palin in her failed bid for the vice presidency of the United States accused the then candidate Barack Obama of palling around with the terrorists.  While she did not succeed in her political quest; she did, it appears, succeed in influencing Globe and Mail's editorial writers adopt her colloquial style.

If palling around with Saddam Hussein is abhorrent, is George Galloway the only one guilty? What about Canada, when she awarded Iraq the most favoured nation status for trade in 1982 after Iraq had been declared aggressor in the Iran-Iraq war. And what about the automakers in Canada, who negotiated car sales with Iraq even when Iraq had killed thousands of Kurds and Iranian soldiers using chemical weapons. Wasn't GM Canada palling around with Saddam when it negotiated with Iraq's state-owned auto importing agency to sell 10,000 cars months after Iraq was found guilty of using chemical weapons against civilians?

It appears we all have made deals with the devil. Why then single out Galloway?

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