Tuesday, August 4, 2009

High treason charges against general Musharraf?

The fact that Pakistan's Armed Forces have violated the constitution of Pakistan more than once, it is important that a clear message be sent to the Armed Forces that neither the people of Pakistan nor the international community appreciates usurpers in civilian clothing or in fatigues.

I am all for holding General Musharraf accountable and other serving and retired members of the Armed Forces who took part in military coups in Pakistan. I am however against the idea of charging General Musharraf and others with high treason.

Pakistan has become a very unforgiving and intolerant society supporting a murderous ethos.   We need to rediscover mercy and forgiveness. Accountability is important, but it should realize in the spirit of forgiveness; more along the lines of the truth and reconciliation commission of South Africa.

At the end of the day, we all know family members and friends who have served in the Armed Forces. If Musharraf has to be held accountable, let us first hold our friends and family accountable who as captains, majors, colonels, and generals have supported the very institution that violated the constitution of Pakistan.

If we have forgiven our own, we should do the same with others. This is necessary for Pakistan to get out of this merciless rut where ordinary people are being burnt alive and beheaded in the name of peace and faith.

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