Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pakistan looking like Somalia

A bomb blast in Mogadishu has killed at least seven including three ministers. The lawlessness in the failed state of Somalia has reached new heights. The country is falling increasingly under the control of warlords and pirate who may soon be controlling Somalia’s land and water.

A similar dismal picture is emerging in Pakistan where bombs have killed members of Parliament and senior military officials. An elected member of the Frontier province’s provincial assembly died only this week in a suicide bomb attack in his town in the troubled Swat region. The Surgeon General of Pakistan Armed Forces earlier and two Brigadier Generals more recently have fallen victim to the terrorists attacks in Pakistan. The number of dead civilians and non-commissioned military offices runs into thousands.

It was only a few years back when the Pakistan Armed Forces were dispatched to Somalia as part of the UN Peace Mission. In a matter of years, Pakistan has turned from providing forces to maintain peace to needing forces to maintain peace and stability. 

The number of failed states  has been on the rise in the past decade. Pakistan was not on the list just a decade ago. It is becoming fast a credible contender for a mention on the list of the failed states. What was touted as a tiger economy is now more looking like an economy and a society at the brink of default.

A rethink in Pakistan is needed at the individual level. Pakistanis have to decide about their own future. Would they like to continue chasing the same future as Somalia, or would they like to work towards a prosperous future delivered by a tolerant society.

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