Thursday, January 7, 2010

War kills three kids a day in Afghanistan

In 2009 alone, 1,050 children under the age of 18 died in violence resulting from the war in Afghanistan. Most were victims of the violence perpetrated by the Taliban.  The Afghanistan Rights Monitor reported that while the Taliban were behind most deaths, NATO and other security agencies were also responsible for the death of children in Afghanistan.

The report by ARM, an independent rights monitoring group set up in Kabul in 2008, comes after the United Nations said civilian deaths in Afghanistan rose 10.8 percent in the first 10 months of 2009, most caused by the Taliban.

The United Nations put civilian deaths at 2,038 for that period, up from 1,838 for the same period of 2008, with the vast majority killed by insurgents.

It said 468 deaths were caused by pro-government forces, including NATO and US-led forces, and 166 by "other actors."

In the words of Habib Jalib:

محبت گولیوں سے بو رہے ہو
وطن کا چہرہ خون سے دھو رہے ہو

گمان تم کو کہ رستہ کٹ رہا ہے
یقین مجھ کو کہ منزل کھو رہے ہو


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