Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Human Rights in Pakistan

From the Associated Press of Pakistan

647 women killed in the name of ‘honour’ last year

ISLAMABAD: The 2009 report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) released on Monday revealed that there was a sharp surge in violence against women and 1,401 women were murdered during 2009. Out of these, 647 were murdered in the name of “honour”, while 757 were killed for other reasons.
According to the report, 928 rape cases were reported last year and 563 women committed suicide, while 253 attempted it. It also said 135 women fell victim to burning, while cases of domestic violence, including torture, beating, murder attempts, increased from 137 in 2008 to 205 in 2009.

The report further revealed that in 2009, 3,021 people were killed and 7,334 injured across Pakistan. Addressing the ceremony, HRCP Secretary General IA Rehman said according to unofficial estimates, around 164 incidents of target killings took place in Balochistan in which 118 citizens and 158 security officials were killed, while 83 citizens and seven security officials were injured.

HRCP Chairwoman Asma Jahangir chaired the ceremony.

According to the report, more than 209 people – mostly from political parties – were killed in Karachi in 2009.

Moreover, seven journalists were killed across the country while performing their duties, while four died in crime-related incidents, the report said. In 2009, 163 attacks were aimed directly at the media, including murders, kidnapping, threats, assaults and attacks on media establishments.

Also, 224 cases of kidnapping for ransom took place in Punjab as compared to 248 in 2008, whereas 163 people were abducted in Sindh, 241 in Balochistan and 592 in the NWFP.

Suicide cases: The report said 1,668 suicide cases were reported across the country in 2009, whereas 747 people were killed in Karachi.

It said around 20,000 children die of diarrhoea every year and nearly 20 percent of children suffer from asthma, adding 39 percent were moderately or severely malnourished.

The report also said Pakistan ranked 117 among 134 countries in terms of quality of primary education in the World Economics Forum’s Global Competitiveness index of 2009. app

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