Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why does Canada's Globe and Mail not acknowledge the grim reality in Afghanistan?

Map of Afghanistan showing the security situat...Image via WikipediaAfghanistan is drowning in corruption, despair, and violence. The UN acknowledges it and so does the New York Times along with most others who are knowledgeable of the ground realities in Afghanistan. The Gobe and Mail in Canada continues to have a pro-war bias when it comes to Afghanistan.
The lead story out of Afghanistan is that of abysmal failure. Globe, on the other hand, publishes spot reports of the plans to clean the birth-place of the Taliban of Taliban. The op-ed pieces and the editorials have been notoriously pro-war in the past few years. Leading the charge have been the so called defense analysts, often based in western Canada, though some political science professors at McGill University with former stints at the Pentagon are exceptions, have been beating the war drums in a frenzy.
With months left before Canada leaves Afghanistan to Afghans, nothing short of a miracle will allow the Canadian government to claim victory. In fact, victory is no longer the word White House uses for Afghanistan. I, however, believe that there will be plenty of journalists and academics who would write the favorable op-ed pieces, based on their extensive and thorough few-weeks visits to Afghanistan, telling the Harper government what a great triumph has it been for Canada in Afghanistan.
As or Afghans, they may not want to look forward to decades of abject poverty, disease and violence, but as long as the foreigners (including Pakistan) keep muddling in Afghanistan, the situation in Afganistan is unlikely to improve.
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