Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gender equity in terrorism

While there remains a large gender gap in labour force participation, women in Pakistan have been making strides towards reducing, if not eliminating, the gap. Thursday's suicide bombing attack by a reportedly teenaged female bomber is not the female participation many in Pakistan had hoped for.

According to the local police, a female bomber first lobbed a grenade and then later blew herself up in Peshawar. The suicide bomber's age and gender makes the incident even more concerning than many similar attacks in Peshawar, which were often orchestrated by young boys, often in their early teens.

The social fabric in Pakistan is slowly disintegrating. Young boys and girls belonging to Pakistan's economically depressed areas are becoming ready recruits for merchants of terror and death. What is more troubling is the fact that Pakistan's civil and military leadership is totally inept to cope with the economic, social, and political rot.

More on this is available from the Express Tribune.

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