Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jundullah undeterred after its leader hanged by Iran

Jundullah militants attacked a police convoy carrying four of their accomplices to the courts in Karachi. They were successful in freeing the four, while one died during the escape. This happened almost at the same time when Iran hanged Jundullah's leader Abdolmalik Reggi for running a campaign of terror and violence in Iran, and lately in Pakistan. Reggi was caught by Iran on a flight from Kyrgyzstan to Dubai in February 2010.

The Sunni militants in Pakistan, who have been running a murderous campaign against minority Shiites and other Sunni sects, joined hands with Jundullah first in Balochistan province that borders Iran and now in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city.

The fact that terrorists outfits are now targeting across the national borders in collaboration with similar outfits in other places should be a matter of grave concern for law enforcement agencies who are accustomed to ignoring events that happen beyond their precincts boundaries.

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