Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal: From Cinderella to the wicked witch of the East

It is the summer of loud mouths. It started with Helen Thomas of UPI venting in unfortunate terms at the White House. She resigned the very next day. Now it’s the General’s turn. The maverick who was loved by the media just a few days ago will be made the scapegoat for talking out of the line.

The fact that Afghanistan is increasingly becoming Obama’s Waterloo will not change by firing the General. In fact, his firing will prove only two things. First, it will show that the US administration is coming to the realization that the surge in Afghanistan is unlikely to deliver the miraculous victory or even a d├ętente. Second, the realization of an imminent debacle in Afghanistan, and a more likely escalation of violence in Pakistan, is resulting in cracks of the mighty establishment in Washington DC.

These are unfortunate times. The more NATO forces fail in achieving their goals (whatever they may be) in Afghanistan, the more frustrated they will get, and the more violence it may result in. The Afghans and Pakistani civilians will continue paying with their blood for the foolhardy policies in Afghanistan.


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