Saturday, July 24, 2010

Obama and drones: the continuation of a failed, immoral policy

BBC has recently pointed out that the drone attacks in Pakistan under the Obama administration have increased manifolds. These pilot-less, remotely controlled aircrafts have been successful in killing key militants in Pakistan. However, these attacks have killed scores of innocent Pakistani tribesmen, which has resulted in a widespread opposition against the drone attacks in Pakistan.


The US government under President Obama intensified the use of drones in Pakistan.  This comes as WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 10:   U.S. President Geo...a surprise to many in both the United States and in Pakistan who naively believed that a change in White House implies a change in the Pentagon.  The graph below however suggests that President Obama`s and installations in fact more trigger happy than the one it replaced.





The attacks by the militants on military forces and civilians in Pakistan, and drone attacks and other offenses launched by the Pakistani military against the militants have ended up in a tit-for-tat killing game in Pakistan, which is slowly but surely destroying the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the country.

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