Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Children dying in violence in Afghanistan

The violence in Afghanistan continues to claim victims. However, a recent report by the United Nations has revealed that Afghan children are increasingly becoming the victims of the senseless violence perpetrated by the Taliban and other militants. In the past two years, almost 1800 children were killed or injured as a result of this conflict.

According to the reports, 2400 civilians died in 2010 alone as a result of violence. Furthermore, the Taliban another militant groups were responsible for at least ¾ of the civilian deaths in 2010.

The senseless violence in Afghanistan has to end. That NATO’s war on terror has failed to return stability, peace, and calm in Afghanistan or in the countries surrounding it. The manifold increase in militancy is a sign of a failed policy, which is in serious need of a rethink.

BBC News - UN report says violence against Afghan children growing

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