Sunday, March 27, 2011

پیامبر نہ میسر ہوا تو خوب ہوا

In this age of great communication devices, the communicated word is no longer sacred.

If Khwaja Haider Ali Aatish (1778-1848, خواجہ حیدر علی آتش ) of Lucknow were alive today, he would certainly had been dismayed by the ubiquitous communication devices. He cherished the fact that he could not find a messenger to convey his feelings to his beloved and wrote:

پیامبر نہ میسر ہوا تو خوب ہوا

زبان غیر سے کیا شرح آرزو کرتے

How would a stranger convey my feelings, wrote the legendry poet.

The unmet desires that created such great poetry exist no more. The ‘beloved’ is far too accessible by the phone, sms messages, emails, twitter, and Facebook. The ease in communication has left no time to compose great thoughts. Half baked ideas, poorly structured phrases are being dumped on loved ones, thanks to the communication revolution.

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