Monday, March 28, 2011

Libyan rebels moonlighting as oil merchants

It can't get any better than this. Suddenly, the Libyan rebels, who were fighting for freedom and all other great ideals, have announced that they are ready to export up to 300,000 barrels a day of Libyan oil through Qatar.

Wars and peace in the Middle East ends up about oil eventually. The Libyan story is ending up no different. It is however not clear under what law will some gun wielding men will export oil and earn revenue that was supposed to be shared with all Libyans. The same critique goes for the Qadhafi regime who also failed to share equitably the wealth earned through oil sales with Libyans.

As for Qataris, their real motivation behind joining the western coalition to bomb Libya is now revealed. By contributing fighter jets and pilots to bomb Libya, Qatar gets the right to make money from Libyan oil. Brilliant!

BBC News - Libyan rebels 'sign oil export deal with Qatar'
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