Monday, April 5, 2010

Collateral murder

WikiLeaks have just made available a video showing indiscriminate firing in a civilian area in Baghdad from American helicopters. 12 individuals were killed including Reuters’ staff photographers. The American army claimed that this was done according to the strict code of conduct.

Watch this video, which the New York Times confirms authentic, of trigger happy pilots shooting at will from a helicopter killing and wounding civilians, including two children. The video also shows thshameful and blatant cover-up after the incident by the Pentagon.

This video offers sufficient answers for the famous rhetorical question that Americans often ask: Why they hate us?”

Most Americans are not indifferent to the carnage that unfolds daily in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of the comments posted on the New York Times website expressed deep disgust with these senseless murders. “I cried. Is this the face of America in Iraq?” wrote Jennifer from Austin Texas in comments to the New York Times.

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