Sunday, April 11, 2010

When Cricket wedded Tennis

The April 15 wedding between the Pakistani Cricket star, Shoaib Malik, and India’s tennis sensation Sania Mirza has captivated Pakistani society, state, and the media. While both are celebrities in their own right, Malik the former Cricket captain, and Sania ranked 90th in Tennis, it is however Sania who appears to be a much bigger celebrity on the Internet than Shoaib.

A quick review of the searches conducted on Google suggests that Sania Mirza commands a much higher web presence than Shoaib Malik (see the graph below). On April 10, 2012, Sania Mirza was 11 times more popular on the Internet than Shoaib Malik.

Also intersting to note is that both are popular in different regions of South Asia. Shoaib Malik is more popular among the Internet surfers in Karachi, Lahore, and Abu Dhabi respectively. Whereas Sania Mirza is most popular in Lahore, Bhopal, and New Delhi respectively. Toronto and London also show up as places where Shoaib has some following.

Top searches by City for Shoaib Malik
Top searches by City for Sania Mirza
image image

It will be interesting to see how the power-couple manages the imbalance in their celebrity where Sania has a large lead over Shoaib. The important question to ponder is whether Shoaib will be able to manage his Sialkoti male ego and accept the fact that he is not as big a star as his wife-to-be?

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