Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pakistan’s internally displaced

The United States’ war on terror in the Pakistani tribal areas has displaced millions of low-income villagers who were facing hardships even before the hostilities between the militants and Pakistan’ armed forces. However, since the war broke out, the villagers were displaced and have now become destitute in refugee camps in Pakistan.

BBC is reporting that the millions of dollars promised in aid for the internally displaced in Pakistan has yet to reach the needy who are without shelter, water, healthcare, and education. The plight of IDPs in Pakistan may no longer make headlines in the United States as the focus there has shifted to Goldman Sachs, Haiti, and the Obama care.

Pakistanis should not wait for the American handouts. Those waiting for help in refugee camps are Pakistanis. The rest of the nation should come to their rescue with haste. Otherwise, another generation of suicide bombers may end up being raised in these refugee camps

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