Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bomber attacks top police official's residence in Quetta

The law and order situation in Pakistan's Baluchistan province has worsened to the extent that suicide bombers are now attacking the residence of top police official.

In the latest attack, a suicide bomber drove an explosive laden vehicle to the residence of the deputy inspector general (DIG) of police in Queetta. The attacker shot and killed the guards at the entrace of the residence, drove in, and blasted the explosive-laden vehicle. Scores died in the incident. The DIG survived the attack, but was injured nevertheless.

The conflict between Pakistan's security apparatus and the Baluch nationalists has led Baluchistan to the state of civil war. Baluch tribes have taken up armed resistance against the State after decades of slow or no economic development in Baluchistan.

There can be no military solution to the socio-political mess in Baluchistan. The cycle of violence in Baluchistan has spread into other parts of Pakistan as well where Baluch and Pushtun youths are attacking civilian targets in prosperous provinces of Punjab and Sindh.

High-handed military-based alternatives have failed in Baluchistan in the past and are likely to fail in the future. The way out of this mess is a more equitable distribution of resources amongst the provinces in Pakistan where provinces enjoy greater autonomy in determining their own political and economic course.

‭BBC Urdu‬ - ‮پاکستان‬ - ‮خود کش حملہ: ایک ہلاک، ڈی آئی جی زخمی‬

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