Monday, April 4, 2011

Murderous suicide bombers play havoc in Pakistan

After an attack on a sufi shrine in DG Khan in Pakistan that left almost 50 dead, another suicide bomber killed at least eight more in Dir.

Days earlier, it was reported that Fazlur Rahman, a hardline religious politician who backs various Taliban outfits, was also targetted twice by the suicide bombers. He escaped unhurt. Scores others who died in the attacks were not as fortunate as the conservative politician from DI Khan.

Teenaged suicide bombers in Pakistan expose the ills resulting from the social and economic collapse in Pakistan. In the absence of any foster care programs, the orphanages do not have the capacity to deal with orphans or abandoned children in Pakistan. The religious schools operated by the Jihadis are the only place where orphans and abandoned children find temporary refuge. While an overwhelming majority o religious schools provide education and shelter to such children, other religious/militant outfits turn such children into fodder for war. This exposes the rot in the society in general and in the conservative sections in particular.

Suicide bomber kills eight in Lower Dir | Provinces | DAWN.COM
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