Tuesday, January 25, 2011

13-year old suicide bomber kills 13 Shiites in Lahore

Minar-e-PakistanImage via WikipediaThe Sunni militants are in full swing these days. They killed 18 Shiites in Iraq yesterday and a 13-year old suicide comber has killed 13 Shiites in Lahore today. There is no end in sight to the senseless violence that has been perpetrated by the Sunni militants against Shiites in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

The intra-Sunni violence has also increased in the recent past. This begs the question: If a strong pacifist movement fails to emerge amongst Sunnis soon, will Sunni Islam decline into a violence-ridden belief system that may be shunned by the rest of the civilized world.

Lahore suicide attacks kill 13, injure 50 | DAWN.COM
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  1. Can it be that this 13 yr old suicid bomber has been a scholar in the madrassas that were intially funded by the US and Saudis, and now are funded by the Saudis, "Emiratis" and their likes. Offcourse USA is still behind the scenes and supporting these Saudis and Emiratis. These madrassa offsprings have advanced to stages where they not only kill shias, ahmadis and christian minorities. They have been also attacking peace loving sunni muslims in their bombings all over Pakistan these past three years.
    Can it be that the American people are least bothered that their taxpayers money, in the past 30 yrs has been used to convert Jinnahs basically secular state of Pakistan, into a proper God fearing wahabi-sunni extremist inferno. And that the winds shall spread this inferno across all five seas.