Friday, January 28, 2011

Unicef says severe malnutrition after Pakistan floods

This is not a picture from Somalia or Sudan. The haunting picture of a child, who has been reduced to skeleton, is a Pakistani child in his mother's lap.

The devastating floods in July-August 2010 in Pakistan has exposed the vulnerable underbelly of Pakistan. The economy, society, and the state have failed. Famine now stares at the very poor that have been uprooted by floods in Pakistan.

The military and political leadership in Pakistan is indifferent to the plight of those who have put them in position of power. Only last night the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yusuf Raza Gilani, told BBC that his government is doing the very best it can.

The very best of the government in Pakistan has delivered famine instead of food and shelter. Pakistanis are better off without such sham democracy.

While the world is focussed on the Arab street, the situation is fast becoming conducive for a change in Pakistan, which should enable the starving to snatch food and resources from the political and military elite in Pakistan. The Arab street can wait. The starving in Pakistan cannot.

If you can, please donate generously to the World Food Programme and Unicef to help the poor in Pakistan. No one should die of hunger in this age of opulence and waste.

AFP: Severe malnutrition after Pakistan floods: UNICEF
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  1. In my kitchen, with a cup of ginger/cinamon/kanel/honey and yellowlabel tea, on this cold saturday morning i read this article above. Im not a political expert, just an aging not so smart woman who has in Pakistan rubbed cheeks with tha army, the NGOs, the homeless, those with low or no income, and with the man on the streets.
    Maybe im wrong, but everyone has their own agenda/ideology when they go helping those that have been struck by a catastroph and need support.
    Usually our muslim brothers with their NGOs play brain games with the needy, trying to create new generations that shall help destabilise the country and spread fear and insecurity.
    Could it be that it is the same innocent muslim brothers helping even apparently moderate english knowing people write such articles from under the skirts of WFP? Or is it the Shareef brothers, or the Imran khan brothers, or some communist comrades. I wish charity work would be done only to help the target groups, and not to use the target groups to help promote ones own doctrines and agendas.