Monday, January 31, 2011

One by one, they’ll all fall

This is a new age a new era where the super powers are crumbling under their own weight. The network of client states governed by dictators to serve as proxies for the world’s super powers is fast crumbling.

The past six months have been the most empowering for the world’s disenfranchised. Wikileaks and the Palestinian Papers have revealed a mountain of evidence of global deceit against the poor and powerless.

The fire that started in Tunisia is now touching the heart of Arab’s consciousness. Egypt is about to wake up and rise against the dictator whose cursed shadow had rusted every dawn in the past three decades. There will be light and their will be freedom in Egypt. It may not happen tomorrow or next month, but it will happen soon.

The Mubarak regime has been trying to shut down people’s voices and even the Internet. See the graph below that shows how searches for the Facebook declined from within Egypt after the Mubarak regime pulled the plug on the Internet.


However, such tactics are not going to work. In the words of Faiz:

شہر کی فصیل پر دیو کا جو سایہ تھا
خاک ہو گیا آخر
رات کا لبادہ بھی چاک ہو گیا آخر
پاک ہو گیا آخر
اژدہام انسان سے فرد کی نوا آئی
ذات کی صدا آئی
راہ شوق میں جیسے راہ رو کا خون لپکے
اک نیا جنوں لپکے
آدمی ہنسے دیکھو
شہر پھر بسے دیکھو

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